Focus On Your Students, Leave The Transcripts To Us.


Imagine this, your high school or district has partnered with Parchment for electronic transcripts. With real-time tracking for students, you no longer hear, “Where’s my transcript?”. And because you’re an innovator, you’re not only sending all verification requests to us, you’re also offering students additional record types. With the money and time you’ve saved, you can finally focus on creating a college-bound culture. Now let’s make that a reality. Parchment Send was built so you can focus on your students.


Student Record Management

Bankatine 2019Offer students, alumni & third parties the records you want with our comprehensive platform. Go beyond transcripts with letters of recommendation, school profiles and more.


Print & Mail

Have you ever priced out how much it costs to prepare & send one transcript? It's incredible how quickly the paper, envelope, stamp & time adds up! Save your school money by letting our secure print facility handle it.

You've Got Status

Bankatine 2019High school administrators have access to the Member Status Program. We think you're the bees knees, so we decided to reward you just for using Parchment. It's that simple.

Setup As Easy As 1, 2, 3!

We understand how busy your days are. That's why we made getting started with Parchment a breeze. Our implementation process doesn't require IT resources. And our flexible pricing models means you don't spend a dime.

Verification Requests

If we told you could throw your fax machine out and point all verification phone calls and emails to us, would you be happy? We thought so. Send (get it?) them our way.

Earn Revenue With Surcharges

Get ready to shout, “Show me the money!”. Generate revenue off of surcharges and use those funds to pay for another Parchment service or build up a scholarship fund. The choice is yours.


Free K-12 Buyer's Guide

Bankatine 2019We created this guide to help you during your search for districtwide transcript & record management.


Like Send? You'll Love Scan & Index.


Bankatine 2019Don't deal with multiple vendors when you can have one partner. Scan & Index digitizes all of your alumni records so you don't have to. Dark, scary records closet? Buh-bye.

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