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Everyone loves fancy charts and graphs. And Parchment Recruit is full of them. From the company that brought you Parchment Receive (a service that 84% of members say is a “must-have”), increase your enrollments with a suite of analytics that provides you with real-time recruitment data. Discover new regions of interest, which peer institutions are on your trail and the feeder schools that will yield the most applicants. Parchment Recruit was built to help you reach and exceed your enrollment goals.


Recruitment Made Easy

Bankatine 2019Be able to answer the who, where and why without hesitation. Maybe you’re an extremely insightful person, maybe it’s data science. Spin it however you’d like. We won’t tell…


Powered By The Network

Bankatine 2019Millions of admissions records flow through our system. Now you can have access to in-cycle analytics to find out which high schools are interested in you... and your peers.

Putting Members First

Bankatine 2019While we're a small part of your day, you're at the center of ours. From a dedicated Account Executive to an entire Support Team and Connect events, we're here if you need help.

An Education Community

This isn't only an Analytics Platform, it's a community. Attend one of our Connect events to get hands-on help and discuss the top recruiting trends with your peers.

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Don't deal with multiple vendors when you can have one partner. Parchment Receive funnels, filters and centralizes all of your applicant documents. Admissions made easier.

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